Framed Sculptures

RRP: $140 and up

Baby Made captures moments in time by casting plaster sculptures of your baby’s hands and feet into precious and life-lasting mementos that detail every little wrinkle and adorable line to cherish and remember forever.

Using 100% baby-safe materials, Baby Made moulds take only a few minutes to cast and just four short weeks to be complete. As the market leader, we strive to provide you with the most contemporary and modern options for your lasting keepsakes. Castings are taken by experienced sculptors and we proudly offer FOUR colour finishes, including white and bronze, which are EXCLUSIVE to Baby Made.

Quality modern box frames and vibrant mountboards provide options to suit every style and taste, many of which can only be found and provided by Baby Made. As a team of Mum’s, customer satisfaction is our absolute highest priority.

Pairs $160

Hands and Feet $190

Pairs plus photo $215

Hands and Feet plus photo $245

Twins: pair of each child plus photo $260

Siblings: one hand of each child plus photo $260

Family: three hands plus photo $290