Baby Hands and Feet Casting

Framed Two Hands and Two Feet Sculptures $230

Framed two hands and two feet is a unique and personalised way to capture the precious moments of your little one. It is a three dimensional representation of your baby's features and can be kept as a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

At Baby Made we offer a simple and easy process for creating framed two hands and two feet sculptures. Simply visit our studio for a 30-minute casting appointment, where our experts will use 100% baby-safe material to create a mould of your baby's hands and feet. This mould will be used to create the sculptures.

You can choose from a range of sculpture finishes, including white, silver, gold and bronze depending on your taste and style. Our modern box frames and mountboards are made in Australia and are designed to provide a versatile canvas to display your sculptures in a way that suits your home's decor.

Once the sculptures are complete, we will mount them in a beautiful frame of your choice and have them ready for you to collect in just 4-6 weeks. We take great pride in creating a personalised and high-quality product - customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Visit Baby Made today to capture your little one's precious moments uniquely and unforgettably!

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