Our Story

About Belly Art

Nicole and Ilana head the Baby Made team. Nicole has a Bachelor of Business Degree and is a mum of three. Ilana has a Visual Arts Degree and is also a mum of three.

After reading an article back in 2000 on the popularity of pregnant belly casting in Hollywood in celebration of the miracle of life before them, Nicole asked her good friend Ilana to cast her pregnant belly. They had a blast doing it and Ilana created a beautiful and personalised artistic design, the final result was amazing.

So amazing in fact that other pregnant friends asked for their bellies to be cast by the girls and soon friends of friends asked, the demand just kept growing and in 2002 Belly Art the business was born.

As the business steadily grew over time Nicole and Ilana recognised gaping holes in the market for quality baby keepsakes, everything seemed so old-fashioned and unexciting, or required the artistic skills of Picasso and generally really messy to use as well. There was nothing modern, bright and bold for contemporary, stylish parents wanting to record these precious life events. Nicole and Ilana set out to create a range of 100 per cent baby safe, permanent, easy to use and mess free baby keepsake products.

Today, they are the market leaders for their innovation and delivery of quality modern DIY Baby Keepsake Kits and their miraculous and Award-Winning Inkless Print Kit products, personalised gift range and merchandise.

Although the business name Belly Art was a perfect fit when the business began offering belly casting services, the company had expanded enormously which prompted the official trading name to change from Belly Art to Baby Made on October 30, 2015 to better reflect the wide range of products and services provided.

Nicole and Ilana are thrilled with the success of the company and are committed to developing new and innovative products in Baby Made’s ever-expanding baby keepsake range.