Belly casting

Belly Cast | Baby Made

When you’re pregnant and your belly feels like its growing bigger every day – and keeping you awake every night! – you can’t believe it will one day stop entering the room before you do… or that you will miss it!!

There are so many different ways to record this special time – photographs, measurements on a wall - but a beautiful way of ensuring you don’t forget how gorgeous your pregnant belly was is to have a casting made.

The entire reason Baby Made was born was to allow mums to celebrate their pregnant bellies … many have come into our Studio and we have helped them capture and preserve the precious time of pregnancy.  Another unique way for expectant mums to remember this magical time in life is to create and decorate their beautiful bumps with our Pregnancy Belly Casting Kits … the perfect way to record those bumps and a really fun Baby Shower activity!

There are so many different ways to decorate them … photo collages, get all your friends to add a message or drawing (kind of like an arm or leg cast!), have them professionally painted or let your kids loose with their artbox!  An we have seen them displayed in some pretty unique ways… from beautiful wall art in the nursery to funky fruit bowls and garden planters!

belly casts are such fun thing to do and have to keep forever… and you’ll have the joy of that pregnant belly without the heartburn!