Whoosh... There goes ‘My First Year’!

Let’s be honest, that first year with a new baby is so special but generally a giant big blur for most new parents. Sleep deprived, living in a haze of nappy changing, constant feeding, burping and elasticated pants - and we’re not talking about the baby, meanwhile your baby is growing and developing at a super rapid rate.

On average babies grow approximately 25 centimetres and triple their birth weight within their first 12 months and before you know it, WHOOSH, there goes baby’s first year and those early precious milestones you intended to record may have come and gone. It’s totally understandable and you are certainly not a bad parent, we’ve all been there, you simply may have just run out of time with life getting in the way.

Being in the business of baby keepsakes over the past ten years we have heard this same scenario so many times from parents, which prompted us to create and develop a specialised deluxe DIY Kit to allow parents to capture baby’s hand or footprints at four separate stages and record those precious first year milestones and growth. We suggest taking babies prints at birth, three, six and twelve months to document their growth, but this is of course entirely up to you.

The ‘My First Year’ Deluxe Inkless Print Kit is an expanded version of our award-winning Baby Inkless Print Kit and includes everything you’ll need. The kit itself is simple to use, completely baby safe, inkless and paint free and your baby’s black prints are permanent to last a lifetime.

Once the haze of baby’s first year lifts we have no doubt you’ll be so glad you have these precious keepsakes of your baby’s earliest months to cherish forever. A very popular newborn gift!