When & Why Create Baby Hands & Feet Sculpture Castings & Family Keepsakes

Today at Baby Made a new record was broken, our youngest ever client came to into the Melbourne Studio. At just four days old, sweet little Ruby came in with her parent’s for a Footprints in Stone personalised masterpiece starring Ruby’s tiny newborn feet.

While we were in amazement at Mum out and about after leaving hospital yesterday, it reiterates why it’s so important to capture those early months (or days) through creating keepsakes, as these special moments just fly by way too quickly and life has a way of getting in the way of good intentions to do things at a later date.

We are often asked the ideal age for Baby Hands and Feet Sculpture Castings. The answer is there really isn’t an ‘ideal age’ and even up to 10 years of age is possible, we find that the most popular time with our clients tends to be 8 weeks of age, although recently the 100th Day Milestone is becoming more and more popular.

The younger the child, obviously the smaller the hands and feet which means the options available for framing are greater, such as 2 hands and 2 feet and a photo for babies under 12 months, whereas a child over 5 years of age might have 2 feet or just one hand cast and framed. Some families opt for family castings, featuring a hand of each child framed together – this is a favourite with grandparents!

At Baby Made we only use Australian Made frames that hang flush against the wall or can sit securely on a shelf or mantle. We offer the widest range of finishes including white, gold, silver and bronze as well as a huge selection of mount board colours from traditional pink and blue, modern greys and neutral colours, to bold intense colours like purple and red.

The process of taking the casting moulds only takes twenty minutes in our North Caulfield Studio in Melbourne and the finished masterpiece is ready for collection approximately 5 weeks later. We also offer a reframing service if you aren’t happy with castings done elsewhere.

Time flies by so quickly with young children, one minute you’re changing nappies and the next you’re buying school uniforms, don’t let these precious days and moments slip by without recording them to cherish forever. By the time teenage hood arrives you may be thankful you have something cute and sweet to look back on!

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