Ways to immortalise your pregnant belly!

Pregnancy is such a special time... there are so many new experiences whilst your baby and belly are growing and so many different ways you can celebrate and record the changes you are going through.

From a monthly photograph charting your ever-expanding belly to recording how you're feeling (both physically and emotionally!) in a special Pregnancy Diary or Calender to letters written to your little one to read together once they've arrived and are old enough to share the journey you took together.

One of the most special ways to celebrate and record this time is to have a pregnant belly cast made... either having one professionally cast, creating one yourself or as a fun DIY Baby Shower activity to share with your friends. belly casts are a beautiful and permanent record of just how gorgeous your body looked whilst you were cooking a new little person and a lovely reminder of how your body changed in order to accomodate that new life.

It's amazing how quickly you get caught up in the joys (and the chaos!) of new motherhood and forget how wonderful the journey to mummy-dom actually is. You only get one chance to create a special record of your pregnancy so however you choose to remember this time make sure you celebrate that beautiful belly!