Tatts just for you, Baby!

I read recently that the increase or  trend of people adorning themselves with tattoo’s here, there and everywhere these days may have a possible correlation with the current way of the modern world and our addiction to smart phones and technology. The article went on to explain that the less we communicate verbally with each other the more compelled we seem to be to communicate non-verbally. Tattoos for many people tell their story, who they are, the people they are connected to, as well as their affiliations, such as a footy team or favourite musician.

Tattoos also serve as reminders of life-moments or events, the loss of a loved one, the birth of a child or perhaps those that come along on the path of life that left their footprints on the heart.

Being in the business of baby keepsakes, you wouldn’t think Baby Made would have much involvement in the world of tattoos, but actually more and more people are buying our Baby Inkless Print Kit to take detailed hand or footprints of their babies to have tattooed onto their body as a lasting reminder and the ultimate keepsake.

Whatever the reason for tattoos as a form of self-expression or possibly the remnants of a ‘seemed like a great idea at the time’ the day after the big night, tattoos definitely mark stages and times in life that will never be forgotten, in the case of baby’s cute tiny toes I have no doubt that’s one tattoo that won’t be regretted.