Not just binge eating.......

Thank goodness for Netflix
Lockdown has had its ups and downs. Probably more downs than ups. But what’s getting you through? Netflix has definitely been a saviour in our household. A lot of binge-worthy shows that have left me wanting more. Many a late night has been had when I tell myself, just one more episode. I’m amazed with the different types of shows that have got my attention, not my usual go-to but I guess that’s the beauty of being in lockdown you learn more and more about yourself.
One show that kept me interested and also provided a laugh here and there is, Good Girls. Also, the documentary, Formula 1: Drive to Survive caught me by surprise. I had no idea the drama, cattiness and politics behind car racing. Then there’s, Queen of the South, this one is for those who love anything to do with drug cartels and how one woman reigns supreme. Another one is, Clickbait which whilst watching it felt a little familiar then after googling found out it was filmed in Melbourne even though the story is based in the United States.
So, thank goodness for Netflix to keeping us chilled during these times.