New Look Keepsake

Introducing the new look of the, My 1st Birthday Keepsake Card. We have made some changes to this keepsake to give it a more bright and colourful appearance by incorporating the colours of the Baby Made brand.
Like the original keepsake card, it still includes a wipe and 2 papers so you can still take your little ones print and place it in the display frame of the card. There is also a section to display a photo of your baby from their first birthday.
The back of the original card had a section to fill out noting baby’s milestones at one year however we have changed this to a space where you can write the persons’ name who is receiving the card, add a birthday message and sign it off with your name.
Therefore, this keepsake has two purposes. One as a keepsake where you can take your baby’s prints on their first birthday and secondly you can make it a birthday card that you can write on and either add it to another gift or give it on its own. Most people hold onto special milestone birthday cards, so here’s one that can be kept for years with the special detail of your one year old’s hand/footprints.
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