Masking up in Melbourne

Wearing a mask in Melbourne has become mandatory. So, this will now be the norm for all
Victorians. My how things have changed and keep changing on the daily. 2020 is fast becoming the
year to remember but for all the wrong reasons. I keep saying to the people around me as well as
myself, “Who would have thought this could happen?” But it has and now it’s on all of us, not just
Melbornians or Australians, but the entire world to work together to try and make living with Covid-
19 as normal as possible and making sure we all do the right thing to keep everyone safe.
Sure, the restrictions, lockdowns and now the masks are all new things to adapt to. These changes
definitely test us in many ways. As the number of cases go up and down we have to try our best to
deal with everything as best we can. Look on the bright side, we are lucky to be living in a world
where we have technology to get us through. Whether it’s working from home, home schooling or
ISO birthday celebrations via facetime. We have to remember to stay connected with loved ones and
check on them making sure that they are ok during this very surreal time.
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