Keepsakes and Collectibles – Capturing all things Cute

From the minute my daughter and I saw them we became addicted. Just can’t get enough of them, finding ridiculous reasons to seek out more and more, knowing this obsession is crazy, expensive and childish – but we’re hooked! Yep, those darn Coles Mini Collectibles are doing my head and my wallet in, but that $30 tiny cardboard Weetbix box is just so cute!

While this is the best marketing venture I’ve witnessed since ‘Not Happy Jan’ became a catchphrase, there is something to be considered as to why we are drawn to all things cute, regardless of how senseless they may be in our rational mind.

At Baby Made we are also in the business of cute, our baby and pregnancy keepsakes of baby hands and feet detailing and all those tiny little wrinkles are ever popular with new parents, capturing those all important early days of childhood as lasting mementos.

I guess it’s about creating memories that last long after the baby is no longer a baby, or my daughter and I have forgotten about the mad obsession we had with miniature food packets, but what we will have, one day, maybe even decades from now, is recollections, happy thoughts and family keepsakes from a time in our lives that we shared.

Time may fly past but life is made up of memories, capture as many happy ones as you can!