Back to School

I remember when I was younger and that first day back at school after the Summer holidays was terrifying. I remember the night before, going to bed with butterflies in my stomach thinking, will I like my new teacher? Will my friends still play with me? So many thoughts racing in my head. Then I remember thinking about no more late nights, sleep-ins and outings. Instead, it was back to routine, schedules and extra-curricular activities.
Fast forward to today, I’m now a mother of two and I see this happen with both my kids that night before their first day back at school. So, I tell them how normal these feelings are and I share with them how I was when I was their age. Knowing that their Mum went through those same feelings gives them comfort.
When you think about it, so much has changed since I was at school but those emotions still exist. I think relating this to your kids in any situation helps them understand that they’re not alone, that even their Mum or Dad can relate.
I was just having a conversation with my 9 year old the other day as he was complaining about going back to school. I told him that school life are the best years of your life and that he should embrace them and enjoy every minute. To which he replied, ‘No way, I don’t like school, it’s boring’. His view quickly changed when I explained that being an adult and having responsibilities, debts and working isn’t as fun and carefree.
So whether your child is starting their first day of Kinder, Prep or High school just remember we’ve all been through it and your kids will share their experiences with their kids someday.