Hand + Footprints In Stone

Exclusive to Baby Made
Pair of Prints Instone - $200

Two Hands and Two Footprints Instone - $280

 Available in-store

Prints In stone is a unique and modern way to commemorate your little one's earliest years.  This timeless personalised memento features your baby's hand and/or footprints applied to a stone tablet, detailing every adorable line and wrinkle.  The inkless print system ensures your baby's footprints are perfectly captured and then applied to your choice of either a black or white stone tablet.  The result is permanent, fade proof keepsake that will set today's previous memories in stone for all time.

Each Baby Made Prints In stone piece is framed in recycled timber.  Whether it is showcased in your home or give as a gift, the Baby Made Print In stone is sure to be cherished for years to come.


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