3D Freestanding Sculptures

3d Freetstanding Sculptures from $60 

Now Available in-store 

Discover the magic of our 3D sculptures, capturing every precious details of your little one's hands and feet in exquisite lifelike detail.  Choose from silver, gold, bronze or white finishes to create a masterpiece that showcases your baby's unique features.  This timeless keepsake immortalizes their delicate hands and feet, freezing the moment intime before they blossom and grow.  

You can admire, touch and proudly display! Don't let those tiny treasures grow up too soon -seize the moment and treasure  their innocence forever with a 3d masterpiece

 An excellent gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day

    • Baby 3D sculpture white – $65 each
    • Gold/silver/bronze finish – $15 extra
    • Adult 3D sculptures – $95 each

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