Belly Casting

When should I do a belly cast?

We suggest you do the castings from 35 weeks on. Most people cast at around 38 weeks but if you are nervous that you might have the baby earlier than expected it’s best to book earlier.

What plaster do you use?

We use high grade plaster strips and Vaseline to coat your belly before applying the plaster strips.

How long does the casting take?

The casting takes about 40 minutes. You come to the studio and are sitting in a chair for 20 minutes during the casting. We apply two layers of plaster strips to your torso and then the cast is removed and left to dry for two weeks.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, you can bring a spare pare of undies in case you get plaster on them. You can bring a camera but everyone has their phone so we can take a picture for you with your cast on. If you like you can bring a family member or if you have other children you need to bring, we are set up with toys to entertain them.

What do I do with my finished belly cast?

We seal the cast with Gesso and attach hanging wire ready to hang on your wall. If you choose to decorate your belly we also offer a design service with hand painted designs, photo collage and many more ideas crafted by our professionally-trained artist, Ilana Pincus.

How do I choose a belly cast design, and how much will it cost?

We have a gallery of designs that we have created that you can choose from, or you can create your own design for us to apply to your belly cast. The cost of the design will vary depending on each design but they start at $180

Hands and Feet Casting

How long does it take?

The castings of your baby’s hands and feet take around 30 minutes and are ready in 4-5 weeks for pick up from our studio.

What material is used to take the casts?

We use alginate which is baby safe, the same product is used by dentists to take moulds of your teeth. The mixture is made up and the baby’s foot is held in the mixture for about 30 seconds. It is very quick and some baby’s stay asleep through the process.

Do I need to provide a photo?

Yes you need to provide us with the hard copy of the photo (not an email) but you don’t need it on the day of your appointment – you can send it to us two weeks after the appointment.

What colours are the sculptures?

The sculptures cane be white (raw plaster, no finish), gold silver and a bronze with a paint finish and they are hand painted and finished with a gloss sealer.

What are the sculptures made of?

The sculpture is made of plaster, and then a paint finish is applied if you choose.

What colour and style are the frames?

We offer a walnut brown, white and black frame and have a variety of coloured mattes to choose from. Our frames are Australian-made modern frames that sit flush on the wall and don’t have boxes attached to the back of the frames.

Where is your Studio?

Our studio address is 700 Inkerman Road, North Caulfield, 3162. There is parking at the front of the building. As mums ourselves we want to make your experience as easy as possible, we have parking at the front of the building, a change table and an area to feed your baby. We also have a table set up with toys for toddlers if you need to bring your other children to the appointment.

Print Gifts

Will I get my print back?

Yes we will send you your original print back with your finished product.

How long will it take to get my gifts?

It will take two weeks from when we receive you prints.

Can I email you the print?

We advise that you send the print to us by mail as the image needs to be scanned in a specific way.

If I order multiple products how many prints do I need to send?

You only need to send one print and we can apply it to all the products.

Can you use my print on the products if I have smudge marks on it?

Yes when we scan your print we will tidy up any smudges around the hand and feet prints.

If I want to re order do I need to send my print to you again?

No, your print has been scanned and will be saved in our system. You can email us liana[at]babymade.com.au or call to make an order over the phone 03 9509 4060.

Baby Inkless Print kit

Is the inkless print process messy?

NO! There is no messy ink or paint to clean up. Amazingly the wipe feels dry, so there is no actual ‘ink’ or liquid. The process only works with the Baby Made treated paper that is included in the kit.

Is it safe?

Yes! At Baby Made we pride ourselves on extensively researching our products and ingredients to ensure they are 100% safe and nontoxic. The Baby Inkless Print Kit adheres to all International Safety Guidelines and is used across US Maternity Hospitals on all new born babies. We do suggest wiping the area afterwards with a baby wipe or soap and water to remove any residue – although you won’t be able to see or feel it!

Can I keep the inkless wipe and use it at another time?

No the wipe should be used once it has been opened, and the same wipe is used for all four papers.

My Inkless wipe feels dry?

Yes the wipe will feel dry but this is normal. There is enough ink in the wipe to take 4 or more sets of prints

Will the print fade?

No the paper is archival paper and the print will not fade.

Does my baby have to be sleeping when I do the print?

No! You will need to hold the baby in your hands as shown on the you tube video. It is best if they are relaxed, after a feed is a good time to do the print.

What do I do with the prints?

You can store the print in the keepsake tin, frame it, stick one in your baby book or make some personalised gifts with it.