Baby hand and feet sculptures in your home

Sculptures for Home

Those tiny hands and feet grow so big so quickly (and manage to find new ways to create mess and destruction you could never have imagined!!) that it's easy to forget just how small and innocent (and clean!!) they once were.  Our Hand and Feet Casting Kits and Services are a wonderful way to create gorgeous sculptures to give you lasting proof of just how tiny those fingers and toes used to be!

These little hands and feet look just gorgeous framed and hung on the wall or kept in the keepsake box provided with our DIY Kits but there are SO many creative ways to display these ... we've seen them used as bookends, sitting up proudly on office desks, snuggling up to teddy bears on nursery shelves and tip toeing across mantlepieces and windowsills.

You can have some real fun coming up with new and clever ways to display your unique keepsakes (after you've had the fun of creating them!) ... the only limit is your imagination and we love seeing those gorgeous hands and feet popping up in unexpected places so feel free to show them off by sending them to us at ... you might just see your creations on our Facebook page!