Oh Christmas tree,Oh Christmas tree....

There are so many different thoughts and traditions behind when is the right time to put up your Christmas tree. Most department stores and shopping centres are filled with Christmas bling from October. Tradition states that the tree should go up at the beginning of the Advent calendar which is four Sundays before Christmas Day. Other traditions believe that the tree should go up 12 days before Christmas. In the past it was tradition to put up the tree on Christmas Eve as it was known as bad luck to do it earlier. I have made my own tradition and put our tree up mid-November, usually after my son’s birthday so that we can enjoy the Christmas spirit for a bit longer.

All things that go up must come down, so when is the right time for the tree to be packed up? Once again there are different opinions on this too. Some will take it down straight away on Boxing Day. Some will wait until the 1st of January. However, tradition states it should be done 12 days after Christmas.

Fake or real? That is the next big question when it comes time to choosing your Christmas tree. Some people love to have a real tree. They enjoy the pine scent that it brings in the home. Others, like myself prefer a nice old-fashioned fake tree.

Wherever your traditions lie, Christmas is a special (and stressful) time of year. One tradition I always like to keep at Christmas time is to eat, drink and be merry.