Embracing the journey with a Breast Cast before a Mastectomy


You might not know this but our current business ‘Baby Made’ first began in 2002 as ‘Belly Art’ – where we began by creating plaster belly casts of pregnant women’s bellies - and in 2015 our business grew and expanded. We developed a wider range of baby keepsake products and our name changed to Baby Made . Throughout this time we have had a number of varied requests for casts, including women wanting to get a plaster cast of their breasts and torso before they have a mastectomy. This can be a very emotionally challenging time for these women, but by actively addressing the diagnosis in a meaningful way these women take charge of the experience and empower themselves to move forward with strength and resilience.

This month I received a call from a lady who wanted to organize to have her friend’s breasts cast before she had her mastectomy. She and a friend of hers wanted to come to our studio with a platter of food and soft drinks and make the casting more of a light, fun experience. The two friends also wanted to do their own breast cast to show support and to try and make the experience less daunting and to take the focus off the friend who was going to be having the mastectomy.

They chatted away while each one had the cast done and laughed about the size and shape of the casts and where they would display them. I felt very grateful that I could be a part of creating the casts and share in this experience with these wonderful women. A reminder of the power of friendship and support women have and give each other. They plan to get together and paint designs on the casts or maybe even do another one after the reconstructive surgery.

If you would like more information on any of our casting options please call us on 03 95094060 or e-mail us directly at info@babymade.com.au