The Truth about Small Business and that Happy Dance

If you spend time on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram you’ve more than likely come across the ‘every time you buy from a small business someone does a happy dance’ or similar meme. It’s possible that if you don’t run a small business or are a possibly a Mum trying to make a long held dream a reality, or at least a few bucks while bringing up babies and children, you may not fully understand the message in the meme.

While it’s incredibly rewarding and exciting that someone likes your product so much they actually want to buy it, it means so much more than that. It’s validation that your passion and instincts are on track, the endless hours innovating and creating are worth it, the worrisome self-doubt was senseless and the sleepless nights weighing up whether you should just get a job were futile. But above all, it’s a sense of belief that anything is possible and maybe you actually can build a successful business and metaphorically ‘live the dream’.

One of the hardest aspects of starting out or competing with the big business guys is often the lack of funds to market yourself to get your product or service out to your target audience and eventually establish a trusted brand name. And this is where sharing the love costs nothing, takes only moments but makes an enormous difference to a small or starting out business, not to mention brownie points with good karma. A positive review or hitting the 5 star rating button can make a massive difference to small businesses.

Supporting small Australian businesses is more crucial than ever in a world of mass prod