The past, the present and the future.

Have you ever wondered about the generations. What are they? Which generation am I? How do they differ over the years?
There are the baby boomers, generation X, generation Y and generation Z.
The baby boomers were born 1946-1964. They were born after World War II when there was a spike in births hence the name. They were born with black & white TV’s, listening to Elvis and The Beatles and being influenced by leaders such as, JFK and Martin Luther King. This generation value relationships and spending time with family and friends. They are goal focused who believe in hard work and pushing themselves to reach their potential and make a difference. Baby boomers are also self-reliant and have learnt to fix and do things themselves. Baby boomers are the first generation on the planet to get to age 60 and still see a long road ahead.
Next came generation X. They were born 1965-1980. Gen X grew up with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Live Aid, MTV, microwaves and the commencement of the fitness movement. They were also the first generation to use computers at home and school with receiving a better education than their parents.
Generation X are filling the leadership roles as the baby boomers retire. They are self-sufficient, results-oriented independent thinkers. They embrace technology and social media having seen the advancement from analogue to digital. Gen X are ambitious and eager to learn new skills who like to spend.
Generation Y also known as millennials were born, 1981-1996. They were born in a world of emerging mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This generation prefers to communicate via email, social media or text. They prefer to work for companies with a huge emphasis on technology and prefer these methods of communication. Technology needs to be a part of their day to day life.
Many millennials have grown up with overworked parents therefore they have a different attitude to work, preferring a more flexible work schedule. They have high expectations of their employer and are not afraid to find another job if their ambition is not met. Generation Y are self-expressive and confident however others may perceive them as selfish, lazy and delusional.
Generation Z were born 1997-2009. They are the first digital natives who were born with smart phones, iPads and other gadgets. They are looking to be a loyal generation who prioritise diversity, race, gender and orientation. However, they may encounter mental health challenges as they spend more time in front of a screen and therefore feel isolated and become depressed.
This generation is also swayed by real-life users and influencers rather than celebrities. They like to use social media to create their own personal brand. They still have a lot of growing up to do however signs show that they will grow into engaged, independent thinkers who are socially minded and recognise their responsibilities in shaping a fairer future.