Summer Babies

Did you know that the season you were born in can impact your life? Apparently, being born in the Summer months has different outcomes to your health and well-being than if you were born in Winter.
According to studies, babies born in Summer tend to have a higher birth weight and are more likely to be tall. It also states that being born in Summer often results in healthier babies and adults.
Summer babies are exposed to greater amounts of sunlight as do mothers who give birth in Summer who have higher exposure to the sun and Vitamin D which could lead to positive health benefits. Also, Vitamin B which also comes from sunlight not only helps Mums during pregnancy but babies too. Studies have shown that Summer babies are less likely to suffer from food allergies.
However, the study suggests that Summer babies may take longer to feel tired which in turn makes Spring & Summer babies more likely to stay up late. It’s a crazy fact that may not mean much in the long run but it may help a parent understand their teenager a little more.
As Vitamin D does wonders for baby’s lungs & height, some doctors in Australia say it may cause kids to struggle with behaviour. A research study found that Summer babies tend to have trouble with temperament as they are more likely to fidget and stay focused.
Another recent study found that grey matter in the brain develops very differently for babies born in Summer compared to those born in other seasons. Grey matter is what contains most of the neuronal cell bodies. This includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control and sensory perception such as, seeing, hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision-making and self-control. Therefore, girls born in Summer have more grey matter than those born in Winter. It’s the complete opposite for boys born in Summer as they have the least amount of grey matter. Which means that girls can be considerably smarter while the boys born in Summer may have a harder time.
Whatever month or season you or your baby are born in, I’m sure there are many other factors that decide on a lot of things when it comes to your overall health, well-being and characteristics.