Re-frame the Past

Let’s rewind to those teenage years and that super ‘on-point’ haircut of the day that you thought was absolutely the coolest thing ever transported around on two legs. Yep, not so cool now!

It’s a little, or a whole lot like baby keepsakes, sometimes we are in such a rush to record every moment and memorialise every stage of baby’s early months and years that we strike quickly without knowing what are the best baby keepsake options available to suit your taste and style.

At our Baby Made Studio in Caulfield we are often asked to re-frame and reset baby hand and feet castings for families that either now dislike their earlier keepsake selections from other companies or the colours and finish no longer suits their style. In many of these cases, people were unaware of how vast the Baby Made range is.

Baby Made offers the widest range of coloured mount boards, frame colours and casting finishes available from traditional to the latest trends on the market, with white and bronze finishes exclusive to Baby Made.

Unlike the disastrous haircut of the past, your outdated framed baby keepsake doesn’t need to visually torture you, destroy your décor or end up hidden away in boxes or cupboards. Baby Made will reinvent your baby’s hand and feet castings and create an artwork that you’ll not only love but will want to proudly show off for years to come!

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