Quarantine baby...

Lately on social media I’ve been seeing pregnant women going through a very different type of pregnancy process due to this pandemic. Here in Melbourne in particular, we are in our sixth week of lockdown. Many Mums to be are experiencing a lot of highs and lows that not only come with being pregnant but add in the new way of living with Covid-19 and you’re dealing with extra pressures and anxiety.

A lot of the pregnant women I see are dealing with virtual scans, not having their partner with them during scans and appointments, no baby showers, organising and purchasing all that they need for the baby online only and so on.

I thought to myself how difficult it must be for them. Not only is having a baby a huge deal in your life but experiencing it in such a different and I guess abnormal way would be challenging.

My advice to anyone who is expecting during this time would be to try and enjoy it as much as you can. Treasure those special and not so special moments. To say you lived through it and then later to be able to tell your child of what was going on in the world when they were in your belly would be a history-making story to tell. The best part is, through all the craziness and uncertainty that is going on in the world, the most important and valuable thing is that your baby will bring so much love, sunshine and rainbows to your world.