Belly Art is now 'Baby Made'

Exciting News …. After 13 years, we’re growing up! We're changing our name to better reflect who we are and what we do, but everything else remains exactly the same.

Belly Art began back in 2002 when two great friends, Nicole and Ilana, who both were pregnant, decided to create belly casts of their expanding bellies. They created individual designs for their belly casts and all these years later they still cherish having a lasting memento of that precious time in their lives.

Soon pregnant friends were asking for their bellies to be cast and asked Ilana, a formally trained fine artist to create personalised designs for them. Then friends of friends asked, and friends of friends of friends also wanted it done, the demand just kept growing and before long, Belly Art the business was born.

As time went on, the girls saw gaping holes in the market for quality baby keepsakes, everything seemed so old-fashioned and boring, there was nothing modern and fun for contemporary and stylish Australian parents. So they set off to create a range of 100 per cent baby safe keepsake products and today, they are the market leaders for their innovation and delivery of award-winning, quality DIY Baby Keepsake Kits and the miraculous Inkless Print Gift Range and extensive baby keepsake merchandise.

So, you see the name Belly Art was perfect when the business began creating belly casts, but today we feel it’s time to change just our brand name to more accurately reflect the products and services we provide, after all… the most treasured keepsakes are ‘Baby Made’.

Baby made Logo - PINK STACKED with feet