Belinda’s Baby Made Easter Bunny Craft Idea

It’s that special time of year when kids both big and small look forward to spending time with family and enjoying lot’s of Easter treats and fun activities.

While the weather traditionally tends to be a little unpredictable during the long Easter weekend, Easter Egg hunts aren’t always possible in the outdoors so our Baby Made team member Belinda has shared a great idea for creating lasting Easter time memories with this cute Easter Bunny craft activity.

All you need is:

  • Baby Made Inkless Print Kit (Available at Myer Stores, Baby Bunting & more or via
  • A3 size paper/cardboard
  • Cotton balls
  • Photo
  • Paint /Textas/Pencils
  • Glue

Follow these easy steps to make your bunny:

  1. Cut a circle for the head, 15cm in diameter
  2. Cut two 20 cm long bunny shaped ears
  3. Cut a circle for the body, 30cm in diameter
  4. Glue the photo on the head (15cm diameter circle)
  5. Glue cotton balls on the body and around the face of the photo
  6. Glue cotton balls along the edge of each ear
  7. Leave a space in the centre of each ear and paint inside this section
  8. Use Baby Made Inkless Print Kit to create your child's footprints by following the instructions included
  9. Cut out your Inkless Prints & glue them onto your bunny

And now you have created a lasting Easter masterpiece the kids will love making and parents can store away and treasure!


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