Baby keepsakes - for when life gets in the way of loving intentions!


Let’s be honest, the majority us of well-intentioned parents with more than one child often seem to be guilty of the same affliction - documenting every detail of our firstborn’s first months on earth from the pre-birth, post birth and sometimes even mid birth photos, endless hours of video footage and even snippets of hair. While baby #2 is just as precious and equally as loved, somehow their Baby Book doesn’t quite match that sentiment.

It’s all fine until Baby #2 is old enough to ask “where are my 4 baby photo albums recording every facial expression and direction my head could turn in during my first month?” “How come my baby book only has 3 pages filled in?”

It’s okay. It’s called life and trying to balance and adjust to new life circumstances with double the load when Baby #2 and #3 etc. come along.  But there are simple, time efficient and adorable ways of creating personalised and  lasting keepsakes that detail your child’s entry and first months in this world and will have you in the running for ‘Parent of the Year’.

So how? Easy… for pregnant parents join the celebrity trend and memorialise your pregnant belly with a life-lasting belly cast decorated with your ultrasound and family photos or create a belly cast design that depicts the journey of your pregnancy. There is nothing as cute or as detailed and memory evoking as your baby’s hand or foot prints placed alongside your favourite photo using the Baby Made Inkless Print Photo Frame Kit or perhaps a plaster cast sculpture of baby’s hands or feet framed with a choice of modern colour backboards to adorn your nursery or lounge room wall.

We can’t always compete against the rapid pace of life, but we can freeze moments in time that will last a lifetime and relieve the guilt when life gets in the way of loving intentions.