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Belly casting

November 13, 2013When you’re pregnant and your belly feels like its growing bigger every day – and keeping you awake every night! – you can’t believe it will one day stop entering the room before you do… or that you will miss it!! There are so many different ways to record this special time – photographs, measurements...
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Baby hand and feet sculptures

October 13, 2011Keeping a memory of your baby’s first months is a great way to remember that special time when your baby is small, a time that goes all too quickly. So don’t look back with regret, and wish you had kept more than a photo, take advantage of our hand and feet sculptures that are a lasting memory....
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Baby footprint framed sculptures

September 16, 2011Capturing a point in time that you will forever treasure is the perfect way to pause and reflect on memories you will forever hold dear. Baby Made’s framed sculptures are a unique and striking way to capture your baby’s first few weeks. Our experienced and professional sculptors gently mould your baby footprint using 100% baby safe materials....
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