New baby imprint kit!

Baby Imprint Kit

There's nothing quite as cute as tiny little hands and feet - apart from those chubby little thighs! - and finding a unique way to create a lasting memory of those teensy fingers and toes just got easier with our gorgeous new Baby Imprint Kits!

These fantastic baby keepsake gifts are so easy to use ... in just 3 simple steps you have an instant impression of every little wrinkle and detail of your baby's hands or feet which, once air dried, can then be displayed using the easel provided to cherish forever.  One of the best things about these kits is the fact the foam material can be re-used over and over again ... if you're not happy with your first go you simply roll out the clay again and go for take 2... or 3... or 4... always handy if some-one is having an uncooperative day!

Your little one won't be little forever but at least you'll have those cute hand and feet impressions to remind you of just how gorgeous those pudgy little fingers and toes once were!