Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Mothers' Day Gifts

Mother's Day is nearly here and I bet there are lots of you out there who are looking for last minute gift ideas for your own Mums or hints for something special for yourself!  For a unique gift which which is simple but will be cherished for a lifetime why not create a gorgeous personalised keepsake using our Inkless Print Kit?

It's easy (and fun!) to create your own hand and foot prints and there are so many ways to display them ... they look wonderful simply framed and displayed but the possibilities are endless.  Why not get your little one to draw a picture or write a message to frame alongside their handprints?  Or you could find a special saying, nursery rhyme or poem (or write one yourself!?) which will always remind you of this time in your lives!

Perfume, flowers and chocolates are all lovely and appreciated but it's the quirky gifts your little ones help to make or choose themselves which seem to be treasured the most ... those funny little rock pets, the lumpy clay bowls, the shopping bags they've decorated themselves and those gorgeous homemade cards which always seem to drip glitter everywhere are the gifts we pop in the memory boxes to smile at years later.

Saying that, the best Mother's Day presents are the gorgeous hugs and kisses you are greeted with before you're really awake and the burnt toast they make you for breakfast ... happy Mother's Day to you all and good luck getting the crumbs out of your bed!