What is Polydactyly

What is Polydactyly ?

Polydactyly is a congenital condition where a baby is born with an extra finger on their hand or an extra toe on their feet.

Instead of 5 fingers/toes, baby with polydactyly may have 6 or more. 

It is more common than you think and the condition often runs in families.

Treatment for polydactyly will depend on the individual case but it may involve surgery to remove the extra finger/toe.

Here at Baby Made we have created quite a few 3D casts of the baby / toddler with polydactyly prior to them having their elected surgery.

Parents come to us to help them preserve a tangible memory of their child’s unique extra finger or toe in a 3d sculpture before it is surgically removed.

It allows them to create a lasting keepsake of their child’s early years and a reminder of their journey.