Keep Clam and Cook On!

I don’t know about you but if you’re anything like me, dinner meals are always indecisive. I know some friends who have a routine set in place when it comes to their weekly dinners. You know, spaghetti bolognese on Monday night, taco Tuesday night and so on. However, I’ve never really done that. I like to change it up and try different things if I can (more like, if I can be bothered).

Another popular method is using companies like, Marley Spoon & Hello Fresh. I’ve heard how easy it is, it’s all delivered to you and you prepare and cook the meal yourself. It takes the stress out of deciding what to cook for dinner and going to the market to buy all the ingredients.

Sometimes I wish I had my own personal chef. Can you imagine eating restaurant-quality food every night?! If I was to ever win the lottery that would be my dream.

So, back to reality, what do I cook tonight? Lately, I’ve been making bowls. Well, it’s my take of the poke bowls. The kids love them. I change it up by using different meats and veggies. It’s been my go-to and it covers all the five food groups. The best thing is I make enough so there’s left overs and using the remaining meat or veggies in a pasta dish for another night. What will you be eating for dinner tonight?


Check out this recipe.