Newborn helpful hints

Communicating with babies before they can actually speak is a possibility. You just need to read the signs. For example if they want to play and socialize they will do the following, lift their head to face you, gaze straight into your eyes, reach out to you with their arms, smile, show bright eyes and alertness. All these messages indicate that your baby wants to interact and enjoy time with you. This is usually a perfect time for baby to pay attention to games.
When your baby has had enough with playing and wants a break they usually look away, yawn, frown, pull at their ears, put their hands in their mouth or rub their head. This is when you know they may be ready for a feed or sleep.
Just like adults, babies need a break too. When they are overstimulated, overwhelmed or distressed they require assistance in calming down and having a rest. Watch out for signs like, turning their head away, flapping their arms around, arching their back, showing a sad face, fussing or crying.
The baby’s foot is a key element to help them settle if certain issues arise. Different pressure points on the foot can help with teething, congestion, digestive discomfort, upper respiratory support and keeping bub calm and relaxed. Gently squeezing the tips of the toes and massaging the big toe will help with any teething or congestion your baby may be facing. Massaging with long strokes from the bottom of the big toe to the heel will assist with keeping your baby calm. Gentle pressure applied to the balls of the feet will relieve any chest issues they may have. For aid in digestion massage the arch and mid-foot in circular motions.
These useful techniques can really help first time parents. As we all know there is no manual on parenting. Every baby is different and every parent is different. The best advice is to do what works for you and your baby. As hard as the newborn stage can be, try to enjoy every minute of it and remember it’s only a short period of time in their lives.