Made with Love Christmas Gift Giving 2015

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and emotion of the festive season as the Christmas gift-giving list seems to get longer with the older we get. Siblings, extended family and our dearest friends seem to have more family members with each passing year, only to leave us crashing back to reality when the January credit card bill arrives along with our generous post Christmas festive spirit.
A few tips to consider - often gifts made from the heart mean the most and usually cost the least, this is called the Win Win gift. Whether it’s home-made tasty White Christmas chocolate with a sweet message to match or a zesty jam spread made with love, the gift really is in the giving.
But seriously, let’s cut to the chase. The lead up to Christmas is such a hectic time of year and spending hours creating gifts that often find a home at the back of the pantry after all that effort is, well, let’s just say, a little disheartening.
While we now live in a world fixated with recording every single moment on our smart phones we rarely as new parents get the time to actually print photos off and often the capturing of priceless moments are fast replaced and therefore, sadly forgotten.
As they say, everything old is new again, and so the life lasting gift of a special memento such as an Inkless Print Photo Frame is literally Baby Made, permanent and preserves baby’s unique hand or foot prints alongside your most prized annual photo, which  must surely make it onto the ultimate gift list this Christmas. A gift made with love from the heart, that won’t break the bank and will remain a keepsake to freeze these moments in time forever that every gift recipient will treasure.
Whatever you decide to add on your Christmas gift giving list, we wish you all the Merriest, Happiest and most Wonderful Festive Season for 2015!