Back to Basics

Since these lockdowns, getting back to basics has been a way to keep my mind and spirit and the morale of our household in check.

Sure, the changes in our lives have not come easy but like the saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. With that in mind, enjoying the simple things have been the best way to get through.

Pumping up the music, having a dance, letting go any frustrations is one way to help. Sitting outside on a sunny day, on the grass, taking in nature and your surroundings. Talking, about anything and everything can at times lead to tears or fits of laughter. Being creative, with whatever you have in the house, making up some fun activities or games. The other day, I taught my kids how to play the fruit & veg game. I used to play it as a kid. They loved it. For those who aren’t familiar, you write categories, eg. Fruit, Vegetables, Country, Girls name, Boys name etc. and you have turns to say the alphabet in your head. Another person says, stop and whatever letter they stop at you write down your answers to the categories beginning with that letter. You get 10 points for your right answer, if you and another person has the same answer it’s 5 points. You’ll be amazed at what interesting answers your kids come up with. A lot of laughs to be had.