Yearly Archive: 2014


Baby keepsakes – for when life gets in the way of loving intentions!

December 4, 2014Let’s be honest, the majority us of well-intentioned parents with more than one child often seem to be guilty of the same affliction – documenting every detail of our firstborn’s first months on earth from the pre-birth, post birth and sometimes even mid birth photos, endless hours of video footage and even snippets of hair....
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Ways to immortalise your pregnant belly!

June 10, 2014Pregnancy is such a special time… there are so many new experiences whilst your baby and belly are growing and so many different ways you can celebrate and record the changes you are going through. From a monthly photograph charting your ever-expanding belly to recording how you’re feeling (both physically and emotionally!) in a special...
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Mothers' Day Gifts

Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

May 9, 2014Mother’s Day is nearly here and I bet there are lots of you out there who are looking for last minute gift ideas for your own Mums or hints for something special for yourself!  For a unique gift which which is simple but will be cherished for a lifetime why not create a gorgeous personalised...
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Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day

April 23, 2014Us Mums are pretty amazing … we chauffeur, cook, clean, wipe noses and tears, organise tea parties with teddy bears and play dates with friends.  We can build cubby houses out of blankets, clean paint and glitter off the carpet, negotiate an argument which has the potential to rival world wars, manage the drop off...
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Baby Imprint Kit

New baby imprint kit!

April 4, 2014There’s nothing quite as cute as tiny little hands and feet – apart from those chubby little thighs! – and finding a unique way to create a lasting memory of those teensy fingers and toes just got easier with our gorgeous new Baby Imprint Kits! These fantastic baby keepsake gifts are so easy to use … in just...
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We’re award winners!

February 24, 2014After a busy week exhibiting our gorgeous goodies at the Sydney Reed Gift Fair and sampling all the wonderful things Sydney has to offer (The Ivy, ferry rides, beautiful food and friendly faces anyone?!) we are happy to be home and back with our families. Not only have we brought back some wonderful memories, record...
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Sculptures for Home

Baby hand and feet sculptures in your home

January 29, 2014Those tiny hands and feet grow so big so quickly (and manage to find new ways to create mess and destruction you could never have imagined!!) that it’s easy to forget just how small and innocent (and clean!!) they once were.  Our Hand and Feet Casting Kits and Services are a wonderful way to create gorgeous sculptures to give you lasting...
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